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ALL WE'VE LOST is a feature length documentary film focusing on the human experience within the case of Barry Beach and the movement for criminal justice reform in Montana.

The film chronicles the story of Bobbi Clincher, a mother, who for the last 30 years has fought to free her son, Barry Beach, from prison. During which, her efforts inspire historic change and criminal justice reform. 

Preston Randolph is a filmmaker with a gift for listening, for discerning where a story lies, and where a character can be revealed rather than merely rendered. As he walks the challenging path of documentary filmmaking, we are privileged to be among those who support his inspiring vision and his depth of conscience.
— Danny Glover & Joslyn Barnes (Louverture Films)


Crow Elder, Grant Bulltail travels to Heart Mountain in Wyoming to bring awareness to the modern crisis surrounding societies disconnect with nature.

Through story telling, educational seminars, and an annual pipe ceremony, Grant is working to inform the public that there is a change we can all make to reverse the negative effects of climate change and technological dissonance in society.

Preston has all the attributes that make a great filmmaker.
— Bob Boze Bell (True West Magazine)
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randy (2019)

In 2018, Randy was diagnosed with a rare, life threatening medical condition. Through a collection of personal video passages and interviews with family/friends, “Randy” gives insight to the emotional struggle of a young man trying stay alive, when the medical system has left you behind. 

We urge you to support his documentaries. Randolph demonstrates high professional standards.
— International Documentary Association

THE SUMMER OF ‘81 (2012)

The unique story of Wyoming man, Bob Taylor and the spirit and struggles of his life's journey. From teaching in the city, to being a cowboy in Wyoming, to raising his family without electricity in the cabin he built by hand, and of course baseball. Above all, this film is about life and holding on to those memories that make us who we are. Good or bad, everyone has their own Summer of '81.

The film won dozens of awards across the United States including the $25,000 grand prize for the 2012 Wyoming Short Film Contest.

The film was featured by the MLB on Opening Day 2018.

We are impressed by his abilities as a filmmaker and even more by his professionalism.
— Wyoming Film Office

…EPILOGUE (2014)

An obituary writer, tormented by death, is introduced to a young woman who exists only in the minds and hearts of those she left behind.

Shot in Wyoming and using only Wyoming talent and crew.

Directed by: Preston Randolph

Starring: Bob Taylor, Brandt Roney and Shelbi McNeil

freedom? (2012)

A journey through the unjust 37 year imprisonment of Leonard Peltier. Featuring rare recordings and materials uncovered through extensive research conducted by Cactus Productions.

This film was produced for the 2012 “Bring Leonard Peltier Home” Concert at the Beacon Theater in New York City. It premiered alongside performances and speeches by Jackson Browne, Pete Seeger, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Michael Moore, Common, Mos Def, Peter Coyote and Rubin “Hurricane” Carter.

Randolph is professional, personable and down to earth, a special human being with a talent for finding the earnest reality in a frame so the rest of us can experience it.
— International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

peltier in solitary (2010)

In 2011, Leonard Peltier was sentenced to solitary confinement for 6 months stemming from various infractions. These issues as well as others are exposed by Cactus Productions in this film that was released to bring further awareness to the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier.

Featuring exclusive interviews and materials, “Peltier in Solitary” brings new light to solitary confinement and the treatment of Leonard Peltier in the US Federal Prison System.


bridging the gap (2009)

The story of Dog Listener, Beverly Morgan and the crisis in the American Animal Shelter system.

Beverly is a high-functioning autistic person who has immense training with K-9's and has a very unique look into the animal world.

By using her perspective, Beverly, travels the country bringing awareness to issues within America’s shelter system and a new look at K-9 behavior.

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